Believe In Yourself.<3

Always wanting more,
can't see what good you really are,
believe in yourself.

You are a good friend,
always there if you're needed,
believe in yourself.

You're a good writer,
beautiful poems come from you,
believe in yourself.

You are beautiful,
in whatever manor you think so,
believe in yourself.

You're intelligent,
both in street smart and book smart,
believe in yourself.

You have a loving family,
always ready to put you back up,
believe in yourself.

You are Elaina,
you're one of the best girls ever,
believe in yourself.

You Said<3

You said it's all over,
I opened my thoughts to trust you.

You said to trust you,
I confided my secrets to you.

You said to hug you,
I ran at you with open arms.

You said to welcome you,
I let you in my presence.

You said to love you,
I opened my heart to you.

You said to kiss you,
I gave you my whole world.

I love you.

Yet Another Pretend Fight [Elaina]

  Your actions seem to be so unthoughtful. You say it amuses you so much. I find this funny.
             You liked me? I can assure you that was unseen.
                        And; I still claim to have never said that.
                                            You seem to want to start shit.

Sorry Darth Vader... Black Isn't My Color.

            I am happy.

 No more do I ever feel being pushed into depression or that I was a time bomb.
I have so much with my life...I love it.
No one will ever get me depressed again.
I am happy.
I can't believe it.
That time has come.
Black just...isn't me.
I want to be happy.
And I am :D

Wow; I used happy alot.

Spat Out Meanings.

I'm sitting here distinctively,
tears pouring out of my face.
I look at the mirror only to see the marks of a disgrace,
I know I'm not the best.
I'm sure I could be much better.
But, I do what I can.

I don't see why life can't be what it's made out to be,
instead a wild endless nightmare.
Seizing the place I call home,
seizing the place I lay myself to rest.

It haunts me while I'm dreaming.
It calls upon my soul.
I don't know what to do but cry out,
but you in the way of my grasp.

Stepping on my fingers,
leaving me in endless pain.
Wincing at the disapprove,
dying from the strain.

Lying here now,
I try to mend upon the pieces.
I try to see what can be fixed.
But you stole a piece of me.
Like everyone seems too.

You stole it and run,
not turning a head to turn around.
Leaving me in the corner.
Just a knife shoved in my back.

You left me with no one.
So I made with what I could.
I found a friend.
That knows how to get inside me.
He can always know what I want.
He never seems to disobey.
With him I can surely trust.
With him I intrust my life.

You think this is funny?
Think it is no more than a child's play?
Ridicule can harm.
So here I am picking up pieces,
Like a glass you dropped and broke.
Like the glass I'll never be the same.
But only if you pretend.

Like the glass I am broken.
But with glue or such I can be fixed.
But I cannot be as safe.
There will always be a leak.
I cannot be trusted.
I cannot be mended, without breaking again.

Send your enemies once again to step on me and laugh.
But you can recall on this.
Karma can be a btich.
And I am sending mine after you.

Here are some words.
Your in the wastebasket.
So is my life.
You got intertwined with it.
But unlike you.
My life is making it out.

Criminal Instincts.

      How I can not take those words out of my head.
  Just remembering how they danced off your tounge so smoothly.
  How you can have your way with words even though they mean nothing.
  How can you believe such a thing?
   Now here is a trick. I'll spell it out for you.

  Forgetting you from my head is what I am trying to do.
  And why did I think you were being true?
  Kind words and an apology coming to me from you.
  Ecstatic that the friendship wasn't over I was.

  Fuck you was all now I can think.
  Reminding me of why I got mad.
  Into my mind is what you got into and played with wires.
  Except I locked up my thoughts and threw the key.
  Never do I think our friendship will return.
  Don't count on that opinion to be changing.
  So, just drop all words left and forget it.

   If you didn't get that.
Read the First Line of each sentence.
F-A-K-E  F-R-I-E-N-D-S

Leave me.
I don't care if you never said that.
But, I still have no regrets.
And not to worry,
your pety problems are safe.
I threw them in the mind wastebasket.
Like I did to you.

This Isn't A Magazine Cover Story.

     Oh with your way with words.... THAT SEEM TO POUR OUT OF YOUR FUCKING LIPS!

    Dear Mrs Fucking Remedy For Loose Lips,
                             You couldn't be satisfied knowing a secret? Oh why not? It could ruin someone's life. Which is something your coming close too. Telling a secret such as this? That would so get around the school. You will still go up to my friend and act as if it is all cool but learn that it ISNT! You need to shut your lips. Maybe I should sew them for you. :D

        Oh would that please me. Yes. You spilt the guts and the beans all over the floor and let everyone see them, They mock her now. They think of her as a slut. BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU DID! 


Lets Deprieve Each Other Of Everything We Know

              I am a hideous beast.
I already know.
I am fat.
I already know.
My hair is shit.
I already know.
I am unloved.
I already know.
I will never be loved.
I already know.
I shouldn't eat.
I already know.
I am disgusting.
I already know.
Everyone flees from you.
I already know.
You cause self inflicted pain.
I already know.
You wish to die.
I already know.
You talk to much.
I already know.
Nobody cares.
I already know

If you haven't caught on.
I know all of these.
I am okay with all of these.
These are all true.
So don't fucking lie and tell me otherwise.

Look at Sturgeon's Law, Cause It Applies To Your Mouth.

       Sturgeon's Law Is; "Ninety Percent Of Everything Is CRAP."

Now, why did I say apply this to your mouth you ask?

     This rant is about nothing else but. "Bitches Who Have No Life, So They Talk Of Others."

Here are the name of infectious diseases:

This disease is when a bitch will not exit causing drama. It has to be about her. Her hurting someone in fact.

When someone hurts you, then thinks they will be your friend out of no where.

When people can't stay in there own business.

Talkinghoes is what I have right now. D:
The cure is cussing them out

Its More Siniority, For More Sincerity.

         First off; I have to tell my friends who are like this, this is not meant to offend, but I disagree with what many of you have been doing, and it just makes me mad to see this repetetive action.

       Okay, this rant. Is about... Marriage. I know most people right now are like, "Kid, wow, marriage. Not that bad." But, I feel it is when you are under the age of 18, and not to also offend my friends, but it hasn't even been a year. I know you claim your love for eachother, but being in love at our age doesn't mean you should drop your life to go get married to someone. No, I think that is a very ill thought out engagement. I don't see the whole purpose in it. I mean, most men and women don't get engaged until about 1-2 years of dating. So think this out. You have a whole life ahead of you.

       My advice, is too wait, you can be engaged. if you insist on playing grown up, but waiting would be key. Doesn't the quote, "They say that good things take time." Yeah, so give it time, and then make the decision. When your thinking more logically. I mean, you aren't even high school seniors, and I would say that would at least be skimming the line of marriage.

      My main point is, In my opinion, it seems as if you are playing with a sacred and holy thing. Something that should be a more grown up thinking option. Not as if your a teenager.

    Because truth is, maybe 10% teenage marriages last. And honestly, I wouldn't trust ten percent.